Google Adsense approval

You should keep in mind the following points
before applying to Google Ad sense:
1. Use the top level domain.
2. Select a good place hosting.
3. Use theme with white background.
Premium theme will be best. Check the theme
before using. Install Theme Authenticity
Checker (TAC) plug-in to check your theme.
4. Better to use a Nish blog. Google will like it.
5. You must write unique content. At least it
should be between 300-400 words content.
The chances will be more if your site is in
High Quality Content
Article rewriting tips
6. At least you should have 20-30 posts.
7. No blank page should be there.
8. Must use copy write free images.
9. In your website, you must have these three
pages- About page ,contact page and Private
policy page .
10. Your website should have Google
11. Any dirty content,
drugs ,gambling ,Google products and
hacking related contents will not get
12. Your site should be 3-4 months old.
13. You should have clear page navigation.
14. Before applying to Ad sense ,you should
disable other Ads.
15. After applying to Ad sense before getting
approval (review time), you must not enter
the back end of the site, must not post
anything . If yours is a hosted Ad sense
account then don’t log in .
If you apply by following the above
mentioned rules, then there is 99% chance to
get your Ad sense account.



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